How Much Do You Know About The Anti-skid Work Of The Snack Food Truck ?

- Apr 17, 2020-

It's spring now. Although the temperature is slightly turning, the temperature is still relatively low. Sometimes we occasionally encounter rainy days. So this requires you to do anti-skid work while driving the snack food truck. The following is a detailed introduction by everyone, I hope to have some help for you.

     When using a snack food truck in rainy or snowy weather, check whether the tire pressure of the snack food truck is sufficient, whether the front and rear brakes are normal, and whether the battery is fully charged, etc. Keep your concentration during driving, don't bring too much or too heavy objects, do n’t take too much tire gas, put the air to two-thirds of the usual inflation, it is better to add the touch area of the wheel and the ground to avoid slip Lower the seat and lower the center of gravity. Try to avoid sharp turns. The larger the radius of the turn, the safer it is. Do not snatch the road with motor vehicles to avoid being injured by a side-slip motor vehicle. When you encounter snowy ground and uneven ice, you can get off and push.