Usa Food Truck

1. The usa food truck is a personalized vehicle customized for the individual. It can not only be personalized for its appearance, but also can be personalized for the sale of products by 100 entrepreneurs 2. The equipment is fully equipped in the usa food truck, and the corresponding equipment can be controlled according to the size of the vehicle. usa food truck includes a smoke-free specialty and dust-free treatment, which not only makes the food more attractive to customers after it is made. It also guarantees cleanliness. 3. Usa food truck Can be Easy to move, you can move anytime and anywhere, and replace the golden terrain with better business.
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Usa food truck product description:

Made of stainless steel plate for multi-functional snack car surface processed by Usa food truck , easy to clean and more environmentally friendly; meat oil, charcoal fire separation, no oil smoke, no fly ash, and healthier; the internal structure is designed with the principle of secondary air intake, and gas combustion is more prosperous More efficient; the car body adopts double-layer steel plate thermal insulation design, which has remarkable thermal insulation effect and is more energy-saving; the mechanism uses charcoal for fuel, and the meat taste is more fragrant; the car body can be moved or fixed. It is free to operate, more convenient, photo-realistic, beautiful and low price, Usa food truck  easy to learn and understand, and provides food recipes for free for a long time. It has the functions of grilling, frying, shaving and teppanyaki, and can be combined arbitrarily. Three functions: frying, shaving, and teppanyaki; four functions: grilling, frying, shaving, and teppanyaki. Gas, charcoal-burning, gas-carbon dual-use, can be customized according to different needs of customers.

USA food truck parameter:

Model :     YT-FR220D Food truck    

Size:          220*160*230cm    

Weight :    450kg     

Colors :    White, Red, Greet, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black, etc.    

Warranty :     12 months    

Producing Time :    25 days    

Payment Methods :   T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance     

USA food truck standard equipment:

1) Stainless steel pool: standard double sink,, 2*15L water tanks, 12V mini water pump, 12V battery, and on/off control switch;

2) Electric Accessorie: 7 bins connectors, external power supply, lighting device, socket, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables available;

3) Body: One Big selling Window, one door and Stainless steel  working tables.

4)Usa food truck chassis:The Usa food truck body is made of galvanized sheet, which has multiple characteristics such as high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion, fire-proof, moisture-proof and heat insulation.

USA food truck

USA food truck


1. I want to do the fryer food business, but can not confirm what equipment may need, could you help us? 
   Yes, we can provide the finally whole solution to your business plan, with the different kinds of the equipment, and also the inner inside layout for you.

2. The time including the manufacture of it, and the shipping time.
    The total cost for the food trailer with the shipping cost, and also what is the general cost in your local port.

3. How could you ensure my money safe unit we receive the food trailer finally?
    Deal via trade assurance on alibaba, which you pay money to Alibaba. We can receive it unitl you receive the food trailer. For the details about it. You can check with alibaba servicer.

4. Could I add my logo picture onto the food trailer body?
   Of course, you can just send me your logo picture, we can show you how it would be like. Or you can tell me your idea, and I can ask our designer to do it for you, but with extra cost.

Contact way:

Whatsapp: 86-15093205134

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